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Corporate Consultant - To Media Production, Entertainment & Adventure Travel

Leading a technology team in the internationally renowned 'The Open University', took me around the world giving conference speeches & technology workshops. Using new media innovatively to support education was my focus.

A move to the commercial sector was natural and lucrative, again working with international leaders in the technology industry - Cable and Wireless and Accenture. This international corporate world was fascinating, rewarding and offered frequent world travel and continued to feed the love and 'need' to travel and experience different cultures - and challenging environments. Ultimately tying these 'needs' in with a life long love of motorcycling was pure genius!

Starting my own motorcycle adventure business 'Biketruck' focussed my initial adventure travel on North Africa while at the same time gave me the head space to use my previous experience to move into media and TV production, working as consultant / producer to ITV and subsequently with Charley Boorman and Ross Noble.

As a 'self employed' independent I've managed to direct my career clearly in the Adventure, Entertainment and Video Production industry. Working on both ends of the camera, research, marketing and promotion, as well as guiding motorcyclists across various challenging world adventures. My work with Ark Risk Management Group also offers amazing opportunities to use my extensive travel experience in hostile environments - and visit incredible film and news locations.

Cable & Wireless The Open University Biketruck Accenture

Exploring the world

With Charley Boorman

Adventure Traveller

Producing and presenting shows - nice!

  • Africa
  • Morocco
  • Heroes Paris Dakar
  • Central America
  • Afghanistan
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Middle East

Tour Manager

For Ross Noble

Working with Noble

Producer - Presenter - Tour Manager - Merchandiser

Working with Mr Noble is like on the one hand being with a true comedy genius while at the same time wondering if you should ring the police or at least tell your mother where you are! I've known Ross since he was 15 and have shared a fair few interesting capers and projects over the years!

Producer + Presenter

Charley Boorman Live

Touring Theatre Show

Producer - Presenter - Promoter

After watching Long Way Round & Race to Dakar I saw the potential to make a live show with Charley, discussing his life, his famous dad and his subsequent change of career after meeting Ewan McGregor. Some research, writing and investment led to the inaugural show in Newcastle's Tyne Theatre in 2007 followed my numerous tours.

TV - Video - Media

Video Production

Promos - Training - Photography

In between travel and tours I produce commercial quality promo films for business, educational establishments and individuals. You may want a training film, a film that demonstrates your talent or an industrial clip that tells a story about how amazing your company is and how it can handle your requirements. You may want some 'news' or 'documentary' level footage taken in hostile environments - whatever it is - I can make it happen.

The example here was for The Generator Company, an international power generation company - shot in the UK and Italy. The film is used as an advert, a sales leave behind and on their website. It documented a complex and difficult generator installation in the City of London where the massive generators where installed several floors up via a hole knocked in the wall! The kit was then craned in

World Class Websites

+ Digital Marketing

Website Design and Consultancy

Functional Dynamic Web / Marketing Integration

Websites that used to be just catalogues have now evolved into functional dynamic tools for business. My view is that your site has to do something for you or the user.

Think about two key areas - Does the site look great? What is the site doing for your bottom line or busines orders? If you can get great positive answers to both them questions then you're on the right track. My partner web team are based in the North East and we can offer bespoke web design as part of your business marketing and sales model - a real value proposition.

Ki Media



Managing Personal / Business Risk - World Wide

Discreet, Flexible, Risk Management Solutions & Training

Working as an associate with Ark Risk Management Group we can provide highly capable individuals experienced in dealing with challenging and hostile environments.

Provide in country security and risk management consultancy to enable a project or team to accomplish their objectives, whether it be documentary filming, asset retrieval or personal security.

Together with this we can offer bespoke training in and around the Risk Management environment, ranging from emergency medical care to hostile environment courses, for news crews, corporate organisations and insurance companies. We can even train adventure motorcyclists before they embark on their round the world trip - do you want to learn about border crossings, road blocks, dealing with hostile situations? Remember, a little bit of prep goes a long long way. Come and get trained by ex special forces who are currently active in many hostile environments around the world - you'll learn a lot and have a great time too.



Can't shut him up!

Public Speaking

Compere - Presenter - Speaker

With such an interesting, exciting and varied career tied in with a strong corporate / business background, we'd be surprised if this man couldn't give a good talk. And his Liverpool / Irish roots certainly add some charm to the 'gift of the gab'.

Billy's vivacious and fun loving approach mixed with a cocktail of experience, knowledge and skills really fills his audience with a confidence and a focus to listen, digest the anecdotes and enjoy the ride.

An academic career underpinned successful corporate roles with institutions such as The Open University, Cable & Wireless and Accenture. His experience ranges across Learning, Talent and Change Management - much of which was gained in international telecoms that have seen their fair share of rough seas.

Billy has done many business conference speeches and sales workshops, covering such topics as 'adversity', 'approach to risk' and 'culture and people'. For the last eight years running his own business as a freelance entrepreneur he's managed to do what many of us only ever dream of doing - some would even say he's living the dream... but when questioned he responded "..the problem with living the dream is waking up in the mornings!"

  • PA Consulting Ltd
  • Touratech
  • Ubisense Inc.
  • University of East London





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